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Never again, , JoAnn!

I’m not talking about myself but JoAnn Fabric and Crafts!  The first time I ordered from their online website, it literally took 2 weeks for me to get my order.  I swore I would never order from them again!

Then I was tempted by an instagram post by someone regarding the Nuvo Crystal Drops by Tonic Studios.  These days, I’ve been into papercrafting!  I wanted to try these out since they were on sale for $2.09 at JoAnn’s and there was free shipping.  I ordered several and placed my order on a Saturday.

Well, my order was stuck in PROCESSING until the following Thursday!  It didn’t ship until Friday, after Fed Ex had already picked up from their facility.  So, my order literally didn’t leave until the 22nd.  A whole week and couple of days after I placed my order!  I still won’t get it until the 27th!  Saturday!

I just don’t understand why JoAnn’s takes so long to process orders!  They shouldn’t even bother having an online shop if they are going to take that long to do orders!

It sucks that there is only ONE JoAnn’s store in Memphis and on the other side of Memphis, at that!  I really hate the store because they hardly have a selection in papercrafts!  Michaels has a much bigger selection BUT JoAnn’s carries brands that neither Michaels or Hobby Lobby (in my area) carry!  Also, JoAnn’s has better coupons.

After I get my order, NEVER AGAIN!  I mean it!  Won’t order from their slow service!

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New beginning for my blog!  I went ahead and purchased a new domain.  Unfortunately, someone had already bought all of the top tier of “isitfridayyet” domains.  I wanted to stick to the theme/name of my blog but dammit, person who bought just bought them to sell.

In the end, I couldn’t think of anything else to buy so I stuck with my username instead.  *shrugs*  I’m fine with it.  Now I just have to remember where to change everywhere I had my old website listed!

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New domain soon

I didn’t realize that my domain had expired back in April! *groans* I had that domain for 13 years! Now, someone else bought it and I can’t get it back. DAMMIT!

I’ve purchased another domain to use so I’ll hopefully have that pointing to this blog soon.

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My funny nephew, Pj!

My nephew, Pj, just cracks me up sometimes! Here he is all excited for his baby puffs! They are his “crack”! Look at how excited he gets when I show them to him!

And when he eats them, he doesn’t have a care in the world for anything else!